Preserve the American River

Photo: Carl Salmonsen. View more photos in the Gallery.

Our Mission

We are a group of community members who love the American River and who wish to preserve this wild and scenic resource. We view the river, and the parkway, as a place that should be preserved as a place of peace, calm, and untrammeled nature in the midst of our growing city and community. Our goals, working with other groups such as SARA, include preserving the parkway with sufficient ecological diversity and balance, and to maintain and improve access for recreation, species diversity, and to preserve historically relevant sites.

Our current focus is to preserve a floodplain and popular nature area along the lower American River that is threatened by a proposal to fill in and develop. The floodplain, part of the former Kassis property located just downstream from Riverbend Park, protects neighborhoods in the event of a flood. The area is also an important component to maintaining the ecological balance along the lower river which compliments the William Pond nature preserve located directly across river. There are many species of plants and wildlife that depend on this larger, unfragmented area to thrive. The area is also a popular recreation site for birders, fisherman, and hikers, and is also home to several sites of historical and archeological interests.

The PAR (Preserve the American River) team feels that this area has much more to offer surrounding communities as a nature and educational area. A much better option than just another housing development.

Let the City of Rancho Cordova know, Don't Fill in the River Floodway!

Please Watch and Share These Videos

Overview of the Kassis Property

Please watch this short video describing the property, its history, and with views of how this area sits across from the William B. Pond area of the Parkway.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

Recorded Public Easements

Please watch this second video of our Recorded Public Easements being blocked now.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

View the photo gallery that documents recent damage to the Kassis public access easement land and environment.

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