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Your Email to the City Manager Looks Like This

Subject: Formal Request for Public Notice Regarding Status of Proposed former Kassis Property Development

Dear City Manager Cyrus Abhar,

Please consider this a request to the City of Rancho Cordova (“City”) to add my name to list of persons to be Noticed by the City regarding any and all Studies Actions, Reports, Findings, Determinations, pursuant to the Public Resources Code sections 21092 sub. (a) for Public Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report, Negative Declaration or Determination of no Additional Significant Effect related to the former Kassis property development.

Additionally, pursuant to Public Resources Code section 21167 sub. (f), Kindly consider this a Request for Public Notice of Commencement of Action or Proceeding regarding the former Kassis Property Development.


<Your Name> (<your@email>)

  • CC:

      • Mayor Donald Terry -

      • Darcy Goulart, Planning Manager -

--- End Email ---

Please Watch and Share These Videos

Overview of the former Kassis Property

Please watch this short video describing the property, its history, and with views of how this area sits across from the William B. Pond area of the Parkway.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

Recorded Public Easements

Please watch this second video of our Recorded Public Easements being blocked now.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

View the photo gallery that documents recent damage to the former Kassis public access easement land and environment.

Print out and share this QR Code

Print out the QR code and post on a flyer or message board. Then, people can point their phone's camera at the QR code to visit this page and:

  1. Send emails to city officials to open public access easements

  2. Sign the SARA petition to not build 100 homes in the river floodway

  3. Receive email news and alerts to support further efforts