The City of Rancho Cordova is poised to fill-in 20 acres of the American River floodplain approximately 10 feet high to build twenty-four $1,000,000 homes overlooking the river–while removing the approximately 350 tree urban forest (black walnut habit to wildlife). The proposed high density development will be within yards of the river and highly visible from the Parkway (the subject of the first video). Nowhere else along the Parkway is there a similar high density housing project so close to the river and in the floodplain. To Parkway advocates this proposed plan is a nightmare, abandoning existing public easements providing Parkway connectivity, increasing potential flooding impacts along the Parkway, and habitat loss for fish and wildlife. The City has stated the project is not needed to meet City regional housing allocation requirements.

The proposed project will also abandon your rights to public easements linking our neighborhoods to the Parkway system (the subject of the second video). A recorded public easements hearing was taken off calendar by the City without immediately opening the blocked public easements. These are current existing public property rights, and a private proposed development may take them away and impact the access to fishing, birding, hiking, biking and riding assets of our Parkway.

Furthermore, this proposed Housing Development site on the former Kassis Property was (in 1844) the Leidesdorff Ranch of William Alexander Leidesdorff. He was named the "African Founding Father of California" by the California State Legislature. The City of Rancho Cordova and County of Sacramento should fully open the recorded public 30-foot hiking and riding easement and name it "Leidesdorff Trail" in celebration of our vibrant history.

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The American River Parkway connectivity to our neighborhoods with hiking, biking, riding and fishing access is an important feature to our regional quality of life.


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Please Watch and Share These Videos

Overview of the former Kassis Property

Please watch this short video describing the property, its history, and with views of how this area sits across from the William B. Pond area of the Parkway.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

Recorded Public Easements

Please watch this second video of our Recorded Public Easements being blocked now.

Video: Carl Salmonsen

View the photo gallery that documents recent damage to the former Kassis public access easement land and environment.

For more information read about the City’s proposed future development.

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